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Keca-kel by Sir-Conor Keca-kel by Sir-Conor
Name: Keca-kel

Named also: Spider-Birds, Kel and Moon Cerruon

Scientific name: lunavenator sapiens

Home planet: Las’ga moon Fulaban

Civilisation type: 2

Biology: Vertebrate, near-Aves, and Insecta features

Limbs: 8

Sexuality: two genders, sexually reproduction

The Keca-kel is an eight-limbed intelligent species that hail from the satellite of Las’ga a gas giant about the same size as Neptune, orbiting the star known by the Keca-kel as Y’jui. The satellite itself, their home planet, is known by the name of Fulaban in the official universal language of the Keca-kel but is known by many other names in various Keca-kel cultures. The planet that the Keca-kel homeworld orbits are in the same solar system as the Cerruon home world of Beeder creating a unique relationship between the two species.

They make contact very early on well before the two could physically interact communicating ideas, technology, ideology and creating a unique multi-planet culture helping the development to space-going life.

At first glance, the Keca-kel have an appearance resembling that of Earth invertebrates particularly the arachnids as they also have eight limbs they also share other features with the invertebrates of the earth such as having an exoskeleton that is covered by a hair-like substance. They also like the majority of “advanced” creatures on the planet have a backbone like structure that resides in an exoskeleton casing along the back of them giving a biological feature that is not found on Earth having an invertebrate and vertebrate system in the same organism. Keca-kel biologically has many features and traits that it shares in common with Earth vertebra creatures known to us as Aves or Birds. The shared features are likely because Keca-kel descended from aerial predators many of which are still around today all the closest all living relatives of the Keca-kel are capable of flight or gliding and they still are dominant predators of the skies on the moon. Keca-kel share such features as having hollow bones making them one of the weakest (physically) intelligent species in the known galaxy. They have large air-filled cavities which connect to their respiratory system just like birds they also like birds have the bones in the skull of adult individuals fused and also do not show signs of any cranial sutures. Keca-kel have beaks which do not contain teeth.

Their vertebrate-like structures on the neck are highly flexible though many areas covered by the hard well-developed exoskeleton along the body are not. Keca-kel inhales and exhales through an organ located on the front of the chest just below the neck. On the back of the neck are the Keca-kel’s structures that work as their hearing apparatus. Though Keca-kel have poor hearing one of the worst in all intelligent species known so far, they make up for it in their superbly superior eyesight compared to others being able to see far greater distances than any other intelligent species making them in excellent combat marksmen. Keca-kel in the militaries of other races are mainly used as long range sniper as they are very physically weak and have good eyesight.

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bubblekirby Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2016
I like this!
SOFASTRANGLER Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2016  Student Digital Artist
That`s pretty keewl. You mind me painting me a Keca-kel? 
Sir-Conor Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
by all means go ahead.
I wouldn't want to meet one of them on a dark night, but good work :-)
Corecin Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2016
That's interesting.
Sir-Conor Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks :)
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