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Cerruon by Sir-Conor Cerruon by Sir-Conor

Name: Cerruon

Named also: rattlebacks and arrowheads

Scientific name: Varavenis sapiens

Home planet: Beeder

Civilization type: 2

Biology: Vertebrate, near-Aves, and Insecta features

Blood: purple (silver)

Limbs: 6

Sexuality: two genders, sexually reproduction, oviparous

The Cerruon are a sentient hexapod (six-limbed) species from a planet approximately the size of Venus. Cerruon features are avian; they have a digestive system similar to birds and reptiles on Earth, warm-blooded, eggs with hard calcareous shell, strong light skeleton, high metabolic rate and Cerruon swallow stones to help break down more difficult foods in the stomach. Their closest living relatives have feathers. 

The most striking features of Cerruon are there tail. The tail protruded from the spin and contained part of the Cerruon brain. The Cerruon tail serves one purpose communication. This advanced organ allows the Cerruon to show emotion (the face and month cannot) in two ways, the first is bioluminescent markings on their tail which aid in identification and mood display and the second is rattling. The part of the brain in the tail is hard; the Cerruon can shake it to produce a loud sound to show angrier and extreme happiness.

When they make contact with the Clhattians, some Cerruon nations joined Clhattians largest nation The Confederation of Dalloyn Systems along with others creating a mega economy. They met Humans at the same time as the Clhattians, but they along with the Keca-kel didn't get along as well, looking very different to Humans they were more susceptible to xenophobia with numerous accounts of abuse, with claims ranging from being too different for a soul to being the spawn of the devil. This xenophobia caused conflicts over the years, but these beliefs faded into obscurity. In 2130 when the Soviet Union had a significant restructure not seen since the end of the 20 century, 24 Cerruon nations joined the Soviets creating the first Human-Cerruon alliances the first step to the eventual formation of the Communist Intergalactic Council.

Solifugus Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Why would part of the brain be in the tail? Evolution favours cephalization of sensory organs.
Sir-Conor Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I say brain, but it is more a brain-like sensory organ that controls the movement of the tail. Though evolution may favour cephalization of sensory organs, it doesn't rule out the possibility of it being different for life elsewhere in the universe.
Solifugus Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
In other words, a ganglion?
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